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Note that any call to 084 numbers will go at a cost of 7 pennies per minute. An access charge by your phone provider will also count.argos

Argos is a company now trending in the UK for its effectiveness in supply of electronic products online. If you wish to go shopping at their offline stores, it’s still possible. But being the modern generation we are, many will opt for the order and delivery option. With online business comes Argos customer service to address issues of faulty products, delivery, payments and general enquiries. Keeping quiet doesn’t solve anything. Picking up the phone and calling the customer support number is the first step to finding the solution to whatever issue you are having. Common topics of discussions between the clients and the Argos agents include;

  • Making enquiry about products showcased, ordering and delivery of the same
  • Obtaining product support
  • Refunds, product returns or making an exchange
  • Getting info about purchased product support
  • Obtaining recent order info

Calling Argos sounds easier said than done. Note that it’s the largest company of its kind in the UK. That should tell you the amount of traffic the support agents receive. Patience will be required of you when making a call to the Argos support group.

Learn more about Argos

Argos is amongst the topping catalog retailers in both the Ireland and the UK. It is also leading in popularity. Being a branch of the popular Sainsbury’s, you can guess popularity goes without saying. It serves both the offline as well as the online clients. Per year, an average of 800 million online visitors are traced on Argos website shopping and making purchases of products. For sure Argos is the largest high street online retailers around Britain.

Richard Tomkins invented Argos Company way back in 1973. As usual, it was a different company then and ownership has changed hands severally. Recently in 2016, the last ownership transaction took place. It was Sainsbury’s who bought it. Having done that, the next step for Sainsbury’s is to clean up some stores and form larger supermarkets out of them.

Argos sells most of its brand products as well. Having sold before, Argos also has the rights to resell the company to other brands namely Tesco Cherokee. Argos got a Vanquis bank based credit card.

You will get an Argos catalogue two times a year. Popularity is however still higher than for other catalogues belonging to counterparts.

Talking points

Donald Trump is occupying the most powerful office on earth. This is the same person with a series controversies. That’s normal for big brands. Argos being the big company in the UK has its controversies. Back in 2002, Scottish workers were staying out of work arguing that they won’t work on Sundays. The controversy is that all the striking workers faced the axe.

Price fixing controversies and harmful furnishings followed in the same year. After realizing the problem, Argos acted fast to recall the affected products saving their repute from getting tarnished. They even went ahead to compensate the affected customers in 2010.

About help service

Argos brand has surpassed many other comparable ones. It’s a high street company that is affordable and with excellent performance for the last years. Being a mega company, you can expect a lot of waiting time before you can get response. However, once you finally get that, consider your concerns solved.

A common issue featuring in the customer care service is failure to refund and pressure to the buyers to take other products that they do not wit to. A good example is an out of stock product being listed on the website. People order it only to realize there is none like it.

On the positive, delivery service by Argos is proven to be fast and reliable. Customers are satisfied that that is the case with the additional factor of affordability. Delivery services are also specific and convenience. Buyers choose when the products should be delivered to avoid time wasting.argos-support

How to improve your Argos customer care service call

Tip number one is about humility. In most cases, Argos clients are calling for complaint making. Rather than trying to force things your way, it’s better to listen to what the representative proposes as the solution. Politeness is the key to a better experience.

After waiting to have the call answered, you don’t want to ruin the chance. It is advised that you have the information required ready just in case you need confirmation. Giving out your account details is the first thing the representative will ask of you.

Go to the details. That is contrary to touching on your problem on the skin. Going deeper into the flesh will bring out the bigger picture clearly to the representative so that a quick solution will be sort.

Go straight to the point. Wasting time with long sentences trying to make your point doesn’t help. It should be as easy as making a request for cash refund.

Keep your expectations at reasonable levels. Calling Argos helpline expecting that everything will be addressed in a flash doesn’t make sense. The representatives may not have the power to authorize some of the solutions. They can only give directions on where to seek the final solutions.